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Logomotion...for a quality finish every time.
....a quality finish every time.
Digitizing involves converting artwork to stitches.  While it is possible to do this through an automatic process, the result is flat, sometimes unwearable designs.  Logomotion digitizes the old fashioned way, by plotting points and setting a logical path for the embroidery equipment to follow.  Embroidery using this method looks more realistic and three dimensional.  
Pricing for this service depends upon the complexity of the artwork and will be quoted once the image is received and an overall understanding of the order is obtained.  An image which is digitized for a left chest cannot be increased to the size of a jacket back.  Each size would require digitizing.

Please note that an affidavit indicating your right to have the artwork reproduced must be signed prior to digitizing; no copyrighted or recognized designs can be reproduced without proper permission.
Logomotion Embroidery, Inc. Services
At Logomotion Embroidery, Inc., we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.   Embroidery and digitizing are performed in house.  Send your artwork (.jpg) and description of your needs for a no-obligation quote.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
A wide variety of garments and accessories are available for embroidering.  Specific requests will be accommodated if at all possible.  

Quotes for embroidery will be included with the digitizing quote.  Please let us know the total quantity, color, and type of shirt or accessory you have in mind.  Sizes greater than XL will be slightly more expensive.
Club Ordering
As former regalia people for a local car club, we understand what a burden it can be to carry inventory.  Your members can order directly from our site and we will embroider and ship for you.  Your portion of the orders will be remitted quarterly.  

Pricing and club share will be negotiated.  You set the prices; we charge you the standard rate.